Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday's Official Blog

Day 2 Sunday Eliza & Rachel
We had a nice long drive through some gorgeous Belizean mountains on our way to Dangriga. We stopped at a gas station on the way to get water and use the restrooms, and we met Yolanda, a woman originally from Honduras. Those who take Spanish practiced their skills, and we learned about her story and current life. Eventually, we made it to Dangriga, the biggest town we'd encountered despite its small size. We got to see the colorful houses the people of Dangriga live in, and they waved to us as we drove by. Eventually, we got on to two tiny boats that took us to Tobacco Caye, and the 45 minute ride was a major highlight. Covered in salt water, we arrived at the football field sized island called Tobacco Caye. When standing in the middle, we could see both sides of the beautiful island that was dotted with the colorful huts we'd be staying in. We went to our afternoon snorkeling instruction, and learned all the basics of safe snorkeling. Our instructors, Sean and Jen, taught us about the many beautiful yet dangerous creatures that we might encounter. Luckily, none of us got hurt by or hurt any living thing. We also learned about the delicate ecosystem that made up the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world. After our instruction, we hopped right into the glowing blue waters that surrounded Tobacco Caye. We practiced our skills and even ran into a giant stingray who waited patiently for us to pass by. Once we had our snorkeling skills mastered, we went on a 30 minute trip. We saw vibrant fish and coral and had an awesome time. After we arrived back on Tobacco Caye, we had some free time. During that time, we collected ginormous fallen coconuts. We tried to crack the main shells open, and eventually, a friendly resident of the island offered to do it for us. After it was cracked open, Aidan cracked open the smaller shell, and we had fresh coconut and coconut milk during dinner. We had a brief lesson about the creatures we might see in the water, preparing for our snorkeling adventure the next day. After a long, exhausting day, we went straight to bed, falling asleep around 9.


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