Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday's Official Blog

Day 3 Monday Tobacco Caye Jimin & Happy

     Happy St. Patrick's day! Our long day started with a meeting outside our cabin at 7:30. By this time we were up and active, most of us had gotten up at 6:30. In the meeting we did an activity that involved us using our comfort and stretch zones. Ross, one of our WLS leaders, called out different activities and we were supposed to go in a circle that represented a comfort zone or a circle that represented a stretch zone. After that Ms. Schultheis took a closed eye survey on how we were doing with excrement. After releasing our bowels (in the bathroom), we got onto a boat, taking us to patches of reef in the open sea. With underwater slates, we played bingo, by recording the different corals and fish we saw. We snorkeled at the mangroves, and the back side of Tobacco Caye, we learned at Carrie Bowe Caye (an island with a Smithsonian research station) and observed the Magnificent Frigate Birds at Man o' War Caye. It was a once in a lifetime experience and we had a great time even though we were tired.  At Carrie Bowe Caye, we learned about the Smithsonian Institute and the scientist researching at the island. After a quick picnic lunch at a small island, we headed to Man O' War Caye. There, we saw hundreds of Frigate Birds, some soaring and others perched. After that we spotted a couple of manatees in the mangroves, snorkeled at the mangroves and at the back of Tabacco Caye. We went back to Tabacco Caye and had some free time on the island. After free time we had dinner, consisting of meatballs, rice and beans and a potato salad. At dinner, we learned some disappointing news, we could not go on a night snorkel due to high winds. However, a night walk on the beach was offered, and we also did a music video competition, called Belizean idol. All three groups ended up in a tie with 8 points each. On the nightwalk, we went looking for crocodiles, lobsters, squids, and fish. After a half hour walk, we did ANCHOR. After the long day we got to bed at 9:30. It was a long, fun day, and everybody was tired.     


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