Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday's Official Post

Day 8 Saturday
We said our sad goodbyes to Maya Center before hitting the road Friday morning.  We drove West to Xunantunich on the Guatemala border.  We dropped Ross and Juan off along the way and had to add two more goodbyes to the ever growing list if goodbyes.  Before seeing the ruins we stopped for a special restaurant lunch in San Ignacio.  Some of us stuck with a more traditional rice and beans lunch, while others were more adventurous and ordered hamburgers and french fries.  After a superb lunch and a quick game of coconut ball we headed up to Xunantunich. 

As we hiked up to the top, Peter shared with us a lot of information about the ancient Mayan culture and even showed us a piece of pottery lying on a pile of what had looked like rocks.  We climbed to the top of the tallest building, which pushed many of us to the edges of our "stretch zones".  The view at the top was well worth it as we could see to Guatemala and it felt as if we could see all of Belize.  After coming back down, we reflected in the presence of these massive stone structures on what our own legacies for future generations would be. Afterwards we made our way back to the van and drove back east to the Tropical Education Center (TEC). Here we had our final group activities including a candle circle in which we all shared our favorite memories that we'd take home with us.  While we are sad to leave this group and Belize, I think we are all looking forward to seeing our families.


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