Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 15-- Travel Day & Night Zoo

Day 1 Julia & Aidan 
We got on the plane at around six o'clock in the morning. Some of us were half asleep and the rest of us were asleep. We stopped at the Charlotte, NC airport; 32 degrees closer to Belize! After about six hours of traveling, we finally made it to our destination. When we got off the plane we were hit with the hot humid air from the runway. We took a bus to the Tropical Exploration Center. The first beast we encountered was a two inch long leaf bug, which turned out to be dead. After we got settled we went off to lunch. We had chicken, rice and beans, and it was the greatest simple thing I have ever eaten. Aidan ate a little too much and put hot sauce on everything.  Then, we had a quick meeting, and finally a break. The boys played a game of catch, and the girls read. Coincidentally, the girls found Bobby written in their cabin. During the game of catch Armando kept the boys laughing until it became a little dangerous. Then we had dinner, and went to take our night tour  of the Belize Zoo. After a brief pep talk from the guide we got on our way. The first animal we saw was the country's animal, the tapir. We got a chance to feed its enormous mouth. We got to see some little and big pig-like creatures, and some of the beautiful big cats. One black jaguar we saw was brought back from near death, while our new jaguar friend Lucky Boy, put on a nice climbing show for us. We were taken back to Jurassic Park with a 12 foot long crocodile and some roaring howler monkeys whose calls were used in the movie. Soon after, we saw some small cats, and owls, ending our night tour of the zoo. When we got back, we were so tired we went straight to sleep, with the birds and insects chirping a lullaby, well it was a lullaby for Aidan, but I don't know about the rest of us. Today we are going to Dangriga and then Tobacco Caye for a lesson in snorkeling.
-Julia and Aidan
PS: No scorpions or tarantulas so far :(


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Awesome to hear from you all. Enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.♥

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Lovely news - have fun!

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