Saturday, March 22, 2014

Friday's Official Blog

Day 7 Friday Rachel & Eliza
Today we got to the worksite around eight, and started up again on the cement. The men who came to help us from Farm 8 used the cement mixer, and we appreciate the help, as it went a lot faster. Some of us got to help teach in the classrooms again, and some got to teach little kids how to read. During their recess we played with them, and everyone was sad at the end to say goodbye to the friends we have made during the past three days. After lunch we met up again with our affinity groups from St. Jude's, and interviewed local leaders about environment, equality, health and education. Then, we had free time, where we made up a dance to perform at the community celebration that would take place later that evening. Afterwards, was our exciting chocolate tour, where we got to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans on a rock.We ate the fresh milk chocolate, and its was delicious! We later went shopping at the women's center, buying gifts for our families back in Boston. All of the beautiful arts and crafts were handmade by the women of the community. Some of our gifts were made by the Mayan women from our home stay families, so it was nice to be able to buy something knowing exactly who made it and where our money was going. We then returned to our lodge, and our home stay families started arriving for our community celebration. Each family brought us delicious homemade meals, and that last meal was a great way to finish off our nightly home stay dinners. After eating, we watched performances, ranging from traditional Mayan dances to our very own dance performance to Roar. We had a blast, and it was sad to say goodnight to our home stay families, knowing this would be one of the last times we'd see them. After everyone left, we did our nightly reflection and headed off to bed.


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